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Blue Collar workers are the foundation that keeps “The City That Never Sleeps,” in motion. We need people like us, representing our experiences, having a voice in State Senate. Now is the time for our common sense values & views to be put to work in governing our city. My name is Ruben Cruz. I'm a New Yorker, born & bred who's run a successful business bringing health, wellness & arts programs benefiting seniors & children throughout the city. For the past 15 years I’ve worked with & when I had to, got in the face of public officials & city agencies to help fund programs in our senior centers, public schools & parks. I've organized unique programs for Women & Immigrant Rights, and Mental Health seminars. For New York to keep moving we need better reliable transportation to get people to work on time & back home to our families on time. A recent study conducted by NYU Langone's Department of Environmental Medicine revealed that our train system has more pollution entering our lungs than any other system in the world. I’m taking the lead to ensure that our transit system is pollution free & we increase eco-friendly bus service city-wide in particular, the Rockaways & Southern Queens to fill in the gaps left by our train system. This will mean more jobs, more people getting to work on time & breathing fresher air.

I’m also going to make it against the law to place liens on your property without your knowledge. I’m going to cut extra bank and utility fees that keep draining our paychecks. Join me and my Blue Collar movement by visiting Thank you and God Bless.

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