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Since 2006, Patty Cake Theater has provided quality Arts & Culture and Health & Wellness programming in parks, schools and community centers through the Latin American Intercultural Alliance L.A.I.A.

Sometimes two heads are better than one. During the Spring of 2006, Jurukan Inc. produced a children’s T.V. Pilot named Superhero. In collaboration with Teatro Circulo and the Latin American Intercultural Alliance. The company began expanding programming info Theater and Fitness.

Our companies had collaborated previously on theatrical productions. When the opportunity came to bring a children’s show to Colorado for a children’s hospital, the project gave birth to Patty Cake Theater

We are a resident theater company of Teatro Circulo in Manhattan’s Lower Eastside and has gone a long way to assist in promoting child-based programs.

Patty Cake Theater currently provides in-school residency at Public Schools greater New York through Teatro Circulo based in Manhattan's Lower East Side and in Queens through L.A.I.A the Latin American Intercultural Alliance.

The key to Patty Cake’s success is in its collaboration with multiple theatrical and community centers. We currently work with Teatro LaTEA, Thalia Theater, Teatro Circulo, Teatro IATI, L.A.T.E., El Porton, Latin American Cultural Center, and Culturarte.

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In The


Jack & the Beanstalk


Look for us in Highland Park for our next production on Wednesday August 8 at 6PM

July 12, 2014

HITN ELC Network


We are very proud of Blanca Vasquez who has joined HITN the Early Learning Collaborative

August 12, 2014

Afterschool Soon

School Starts and so do we. We will soon announce our next School Program

September 2, 2014

Summer Programs


Our Summer programs include outdoor events with the Department of Parks and Recreation, CityParks Foundation and Department of Education Summer Programs.


Our City-Wide summer in the park series is hosted by the CityParks foundation.

Our Staff

Our staff has over twenty-five years experience in theater and the arts and health and wellness.


Co-founder Ruben Dario Cruz has a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre/Dance from Queens College. He has worked in corporate sales through much of his career and has applied his skills to full-time production management. Ruben is a hometown video award recipient for his production of “Superhero”, a children’s based musical program and was named New Yorker of the Week by TimeWarner Cable's NY1 news program for his work in community arts programs


Ruben has worked in media production for over 25 years and is a a certified public access producer. He is also currently Associate Managing Director for Teatro Circulo.


Co-founder Mariana Buoninconti holds a Bachelors Degree from the School of Dramatic Arts of Buenos Aires. She is Artistic Director of  Spanish Programming. In addition, Mariana is also a Certified Public Access T.V. Producer. She has received numerous awards for her performances in the arts.


Mariana is resident artist for educational facilities in New York, resident actress with the Spanish Repertory Theater and current Chairperson of LAIA Latin American Intercultural Alliance.

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